Recommended read(s)….

I picked up this excellent read at City Lights Bookstore during a recent weekend jaunt through North Beach.  It’s a perfect mental counterweight to the current political chaos that is saturating the national media landscape.

The "S" Word: A short history of an American tradition... Socialism by John Nichols
The “S” Word: A short history of an American tradition… Socialism by John Nichols

Here are some other reads that I have enjoyed recently:
“Happiness: A Philosopher’s Guide” by Frederic Lenoir  – This book is a great overview of multiple perspectives on happiness, touches across the wide philosophical spectrum.  Very grounding, a lot of thought food for the mind, concise read.

“Of Walking on Ice: Munich – Paris, 23 November – 14 December 1974” by Werner Herzog  – I read this during our recent trip overseas.  I love listening to Herzog’s voice when he narrates his films, so reading this journal / travelogue / stream of consciousness was  particularly satisfying.

“Borb” by Jason Little – This graphic novel is a wonderfully strong graphic novel on homelessness.   The last time I was so emotionally stirred by a graphic novel was when I discovered a copy of “Where the Wind Blows” by Raymond Briggs on my parents bookshelf.

Copenhagen Folk

One of the most enjoyable things about traveling is stumbling upon venues or locations not on the planned itinerary.  We stumbled on Mojo Blues Bar after an evening of drinks at Ruby.  We were drawn in by the live music pouring from the entrance and the promise of dry shelter from the rain that started coming down.

We ended up staying the whole night listening to a really great open mic style folk show.  Ukulele, plucked violins, and a whisky soaked Irish singer who required a little support (tonal and physical) from a tactful and gracious MC.  The MC ended the show with this lullaby which was a perfect end to a wonderful rainy evening in Copenhagen.