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I picked up this excellent read at City Lights Bookstore during a recent weekend jaunt through North Beach.  It’s a perfect mental counterweight to the current political chaos that is saturating the national media landscape.

The "S" Word: A short history of an American tradition... Socialism by John Nichols
The “S” Word: A short history of an American tradition… Socialism by John Nichols

Here are some other reads that I have enjoyed recently:
“Happiness: A Philosopher’s Guide” by Frederic Lenoir  – This book is a great overview of multiple perspectives on happiness, touches across the wide philosophical spectrum.  Very grounding, a lot of thought food for the mind, concise read.

“Of Walking on Ice: Munich – Paris, 23 November – 14 December 1974” by Werner Herzog  – I read this during our recent trip overseas.  I love listening to Herzog’s voice when he narrates his films, so reading this journal / travelogue / stream of consciousness was  particularly satisfying.

“Borb” by Jason Little – This graphic novel is a wonderfully strong graphic novel on homelessness.   The last time I was so emotionally stirred by a graphic novel was when I discovered a copy of “Where the Wind Blows” by Raymond Briggs on my parents bookshelf.

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